Peter Meng

Author, scholar, writer, engineer based in Southern California.

Let's be sensible and dedicate an extra day in the week, the eighth day, solely for the pleasure of reading.

Hi I’m Peter

Hello! I'm Peter Meng, an author with a mission to inspire personal growth, kindness, and enlightenment. My writing is focused on exploring the aspects of virtue, personal improvement, and philosophy in a way that encourages individuals to not only strive for self-improvement, but also to share kindness with others.

Through my work, I aim to motivate and empower individuals to live virtuous, fulfilling lives that have a positive impact on themselves and those around them. I believe that the written word has the power to educate, uplift, and inspire, and I hope that my books serve as a source of guidance for those seeking to better themselves and make a difference in the world through acts of kindness. My ultimate goal is to help readers discover their own personal philosophy and to live a life filled with purpose, meaning, and generosity towards others.

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